Mythenregion, the inexpensive winter sports area

The mythenregion is quick from all directions and well accessible.From the railway station Einsiedeln spacious postal coaches go in the Brunni-Alpthal to the northern centre of amusing skiing, with cosy and cultivated restaurants.

Irradiated by the morning sun both sections of the skilifts lead Brunni-Haggenegg up to the splendid vantage point "Haggenegg". The aerial cable railway Brunni-Holzegg carries them up to the stately mountain inn Holzegg. With the skilift Holzegg you reach to the other arrangements of the mythenregion

With the skilift Stägleren they come to the eastern part of the mythenregion. With the ski we allow to whizz to the skilift Zwäcken. Or we swing down to the inviting runway restaurant gossenboden.From the covered round bar there sounds Alpine rock.

With the skilift grossenboden, with the Eldorado of the Snowboarder and Freestyler is (fun park) one comes on the Brünnelistock. In the lower skilift Handgruobi the skiers and Snowboarder practice her first swings. The valley station Handgruobi is also well accessible with the PW from Schwyz at approx. 20 minutes.

We reach the hotel passhöhe height on the Ibergeregg by the car from Schwyz, as well as from Einsiedeln over Oberiberg. Both skilifts on the Ibergeregg form the extreme limb of the mythenregion. At the same time they put the connection here with the "Hoch-Ybrig".